A semi remote climb in the Deltas , Eastern Alaska Range eastern a beautiful peak well situated in the weather shadow of Denali. Options to set a basecamp and climb other peaks. possible snowshoes needed, best conditions April thru June.

Getting There

On the Richardson Highway Drive past the town of Paxson and past Summit Lake until you reach a bridge over Castner Creek. The hiker starts here - the creek issues right out of the Castner glacier and is accessed via moraine. 

Campsites: There is a dirt road on the east side just north of the Miller Crk. bridge with some good campsites.

Coords: 63.4195, -145.4209 

The Climb

To approach the base, hike up the rock covered glacier for several miles until you're on bare ice at around 4000 to 4500 feet. Access to the northern aspects of the White Princess is somewhat difficult due to a broken-up section of the Castner Glacier just above the junction with the M'Ladies branch. The easier way is to follow the south (M'Ladies) branch of the Castner Glacier, turn the corner left, and set up base camp at about 6000 feet in the cirque between White Princess and M'Ladies Peak (but set it well away from the latter, since one of the faces constantly releases avalanches). This glacier is very low-angle and has few crevasses. snow conditions can become very soggy during the summer months, and even with snowshoes it can take two days to travel a distance of 4 miles. If it's cold enough  consider traveling at night.

Access to many  peaks: M'Ladies, Black Cap, Silvertip. 

Reference and Links

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