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Say Hello, Wave Goodbye, Again

It had been ten years since we spent a summer in the UK, so after returning for our niece’s wedding, we decided to stay for four months. It was fabulous to travel along the south coast, walk part of the South West Coast Path from Padstow to St Ives, dog-sit Ozzy and Mila, spend time with family and friends and generally enjoy a lovely British summer.

We are now back in Mexico, refreshed, reinvigorated and ready to continue our travels. We quickly settled back into our familiar routine with Red - remembering to put the toilet seat down, ducking as you go through the door, and putting everything away when it’s not in use. But at first it was a bit of a shock, especially when we had to run for cover into the back with our bags to escape the mosquitos, we just stood there looking at each other thinking wtf, I don’t remember it being this cramped. But once everything was packed away, we’d put the kettle on and sat down it was all good!

That night as I lay in bed and listened to the sounds of Mexico- dogs barking, cockerels crowing, very loud, bad music and noisy trucks, I looked at Dave and said “Aaah it’s good to be back!

Due to the seasons and the fact that we need to be in Ushuaia at the end of the year we have decided to ship Red to Buenos Aires instead of Colombia and are therefore currently in Veracruz. We arrived yesterday, after having been back in Mexico for 10 days, and went to visit the shipping agent to sort out the paperwork etc. As we sat there, drinking coffee, discussing the weather and how wild last nights storm was Luis chips in, we need you here at 8am tomorrow morning to get Red to the docks for the inspection and it will be there until the boat departs next week…..now my Spanish is OK but I was really hoping that I had misunderstood him, I thought we had 3 days.

“QUE! Manana!”

“Si, Senora, manana”

Oh My God, my mind went into overdrive; but we need to secure our valuables, get Red serviced, clean the truck, pack for a month’s backpacking across Central America, book somewhere to stay tomorrow, book flights to Guatemala, book hostels in Guatemala, do the laundry, eat all the food, drink all the alcohol and ….and ….and then I went into meltdown!!

Once back at the campsite we sat down and started a list, always a calming and rational thing, I love a good list, once done we self appointed tasks and set about crossing things off. The rain didn’t help as it meant we were both in the back getting in each others way, until Dave felt it best to go outside!

Finally everything was sorted, rucksacks packed, valuables hidden, left over food given to the campsite staff, hotel and flights booked. Time to sit down, watch the crazy wedding going on in the Palapa and finish off the mezcal and tequila, hey ho, “SALUD MEXICO! It’s been a Blast”.


A TRIPTOMANIAC has a mental disorder that compels them to travel. Unlike a normal traveller, who will journey because they want or need to, a triptomaniac does it for the sheer fun and thrill.

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