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The One That Didn't Get Away

So there we were the other day sitting in our camp on the Moose River after a second day canoeing the Swan Lake Canoe Route in the Kenai Peninsula. It had been a fairly hard day with several longish portages between the lakes and the Moose River and we were tired.

I was busy sorting through our selection of dried food trying to decide what dinner would consist of. Dave was off collecting firewood, or so I thought. Suddenly there was a lot of splashing from the river, being always bear aware I leapt up to investigate, if not a bear maybe another moose or a beaver, whatever it was I wanted to know. I was even more surprised to find Dave standing on the bank with a 2 pound trout and a very satisfied ‘Hey look what I caught’ grin on his face. We had both tried and failed to catch anything in the lakes, so I, 'Mrs no patience Grant', had given up and I thought 'Mr I can’t sit still Grant', had too.

Fortunately he hadn’t and was determined to catch supper and provide food for the table, just like his ancestors.

We wrapped the trout in foil and baked it in the fire and I can honestly say it was the most delicious trout I have ever tasted.

As we sat beside the fire, having a wee dram to celebrate the catch and watching a huge bald eagle fish for it’s supper I let out a big sigh and thought this is what we wanted from the Alaskan part of our adventure.


A TRIPTOMANIAC has a mental disorder that compels them to travel. Unlike a normal traveller, who will journey because they want or need to, a triptomaniac does it for the sheer fun and thrill.

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