TRINITY ALPS - Canyon Creek Trail  29km

The Canyon creek trail is well marked track running thru pristeen wild wooded canyon with roaring rivers and waterfalls.  Ending in stunning alpine lake setting.  The trek is doable in a long day return walk. 

Getting There

Access to the walk is half the fun.  Driving down a long narrow road off US ?? between Trinity and Redding. There is the occasional remote dwelling en-route with the obligatory ancient rusting trucks. The trailhead has parking and a nearby campsite with pit toilets. The Trinity wilderness itself is a vast 2000 SQ KM.   

The Walk 

There are numerous marked trails and many camping opportunities , we chose the Canyon Creek trail as it presented a demanding day with plenty of up.  Initially the trail runs alongside a river thru trees, with only glimpses of the alpine peaks.  It thins out a bit in time and provides views of amazing waterfalls en route.   

A TRIPTOMANIAC has a mental disorder that compels them to travel. Unlike a normal traveller, who will journey because they want or need to, a triptomaniac does it for the sheer fun and thrill.

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